Artisan Santa Fe | Custom Cradled Wood Panels
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Custom Products


Nancy Reyner Custom Artist Panels 

Extremely durable, high quality, lightweight painting panels, endorsed by Nancy Reyner, are now available through Artisan as a custom order.

Nancy Reyner Custom Artist Panels are hand constructed using a new extra lightweight poplar wood veneer over an inner core of  ¾” high density polystyrene foam, cradled with  1  7/8” solid basswood.

Nancy is known for incorporating unusual painting processes, such as sanding and pouring paint in her work. Rigid supports such as these wood panels are optimal, as canvas can’t hold as much weight, and will droop and stretch during these processes. Unlike other wood panels, Nancy’s panels do not warp and do not need support bracing in the back. These panels offer greatly reduced weight when compared to conventional panels of plywood, particle board or MDF. The light weight, along with the deep cradled sides, makes hanging, handling and transporting much easier! Paint the extra deep sides instead of traditional framing for a contemporary look!

Nancy Reyner Custom Artist Panels come unsealed to allow for the appropriate preparation of your panel for your particular painting needs. Nancy Reyner has written an information sheet to go along with her panels, with full instructions on preparing your panel for overpainting with oil or acrylic. Just like all panels that do not come pre-primed, it is recommended to properly seal wood before painting.

      These are priced at $0.17 per square inch for 576-1080 square inches, $0.14 per square inch for 1081-1699 square inches and $0.13 per square in for 1700-3168 square inches. (examples: 24″ x 24″ (576 sq. in.) is $96.00, 36″ x 48″ (1728 is $224.64

Minimum size is 24X 24                       Largest size is 48X 66

Place order with sales associate at Artisan or call  505.954.4179

Your order will be ready in 3 weeks

This is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled.